50 + Group

50 + Group

On the first Monday of each month we meet in the Inchture Village Hall at 1.30pm for tea/coffee/biscuits and sometimes

homemade cake and biscuits and of course a good blether.

We also have some games for you to use if you wish. the games are Wii, Boccia and New Age Kurling.

It only costs £2.00 to cover costs.

We also have on the second Monday of the month at 1.30pm a table top games afternoon where you can play cards,

draughts, dominoes, scrabble etc and tea and coffee.

Cost for this a measly £1.00.


Come along and give it a go.


For more information please contact Ashleigh on 01738 437718

The AGM will be on the 3rd of Febuary 2014 at 3pm. We will still have the gathering at 130pm. for games and tea/coffee


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